We help clinics and health organizations like yours increase their PrEP business by over 30%

We specialize in advertising to the LGBTQ community, which means we build creative that connects more effectively with PrEP’s target market.

COMMANDO is a full-service digital media agency exclusively targeting the LGBTQ⁺ audience on the most relevant social, web, and dating platforms with compelling ads that speak to them.

COMMANDO constantly tests new channels and stays up to date on the most relevant platforms.

COMMANDO has decades of experience teaching LGBTQ communities about the importances of getting tested, prevention, awareness & revolutionary forms of treatment.

New patients mean potential lives saved. We are your partner for developing your campaigns from start to finish. Let COMMANDO position your National, Regional and local business to succeed in reaching this sought-after audience on DatingSocial, as well as video & streaming platforms.

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